Gustavo Canavire-Bacarreza
Gustavo Canavire-Bacarreza

Working Papers


Work in Progress (Selection)

"Fiscal Space in the Andes" with Marta Ruiz-Arranz and Alejandro Puerta

“Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Crisis” with Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Pablo Evia

"Penny wise, pound wiser: Can incentives work at subnational level?" with Kenyi Cansino

"Productivity and Displacement: Evidence from Colombia's Coca Production" with Maria Cecilia Acevedo and Alejandro Herrera

"An Uphill Battle: The Relationship Betwen Geography and Terrorism" with Felipe Bedoya-Maya and Alejandra Montoya-Agudelo (Submitted)

“Polarized education levels and civil war” with Alejandra Montoya-Agudelo, Michael Jetter and Christopher Cotton (Submitted)

"Dumb Criminals?: Exploring the effects of education on crime" with Catalina Gomez-Toro

"The effects of football games on crime" with Catalina Gomez-Toro

“Can Financial Development Make you Richer? On the Effects of Financial Development and Wealth Concentration” with Maria Aristizabal-Ramirez and Felix Rioja

Working Papers

“Moving Citizens and Deterring Criminals: Innovation in Public Transport Facilities” with Juan Carlos Duque and Joaquin Urrego. CAF Working paper Nº 15 (2016).

“Income Inequality in Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador: Different Reasons” with Maria Aristizabal-Ramirez and Michael Jetter, (2015).

"Subnational Revenue Mobilization in Peru" with Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Cristian Sepulveda. Inter-American Development Bank Working Paper IDB-WP-299, (2012).

"Fiscal Transfers a Curse or Blessing? Evidence of Their Effect on Tax Effort for Municipalities in Sinaloa, Mexico" Nicolás Guadalupe Zúñiga Espinoza, ISP-Georgia State University. Working Paper 10-30, (2010).

"Targeting Aid to the Needy and Deserving" with Peter Nunnenkamp and Luis Triveño Kiel Institute for World Economics. Kiel Working Paper No. 1229, (2005).